Day 16 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Saturday, 16th January, 2021

After a busy week, it feels good to be able to check in on some projects that are up and running, especially when I’m able to share the childcare load with my partner. We recently used up some Amazon vouchers on an adult trampoline so that I could start doing some rebound exercises (really fun by the way) but it’s been completely hijacked by my son. So at least he’s been busy and keeping fit while there is a constant drizzle outside...

What: Google Ad Grants
Organisation: Cricket Without Boundaries

Today, I thought I’d check-in on the Google Ad Grants accounts for Cricket Without Boundaries. We’re working well with the team in India, but I thought I'd follow-up because with working remotely, it's always good to check-in to see if they need anything. I also decided to focus on this because after a quick look, I saw that the ads that had been created so far didn’t really seem to be gaining much traction and I wanted to figure out why. I want to support the students as much as possible so that CWB can get loads of website traffic, and our students can get as good a grade as possible. We're communicating via WhatsApp, which works pretty well for me, and it seems to work with our time differences.

Google Ad Grants is essentially an AdWords account for charities, only you get $10k per month in free online advertising (up to £100k per year). It works in exactly the same way as a normal AdWords account would for a paying company, but essentially it's free for charities. There are some speedbumps, in that you’re not allowed to use some of the features; for example, you can only advertise in your own country, and you can’t do video ads and your ads have to hit a 5% click-through rate (which, considering the average CTR is about 2%, is a big ask). When going through and setting-up ads, you'd think that Google would remove these speedbumps, but alas, you still have to go through all the motions and un-check boxes instead of ticking them. I've decided that after I've worked with a few more student teams I'm going to get in contact with Google and see if I can't give them some recommendations as to how they can make it easier.

Together, we managed to work out some good ideas for new ads and also some sources to find new keywords for the team. I want to help them as much as possible, but not do it for them - otherwise, how will they learn?

What: Outreach
Organisation: Dons Local Action Group (Fundraising Team)

With the DLAG fundraising team, we’re working out how to reach new audiences within our local area. It's a super-local charity, which is really quite concentrated to the south and south west London areas and we already have a very engaged audience of volunteers and donor recipients, but we want to work out how we can become ubiquitous as the charity to support if you live in either Kingston, Merton or Wandsworth.

I found out about DLAG through my local council ward's resident WhatsApp group, which made me wonder how the other councillors interact with their constituents. I've therefore started making a contact list of all the local councillors in the areas in which we operate, so we can then get in contact with some branded info on what we do at DLAG. Rosie is currently working with a designer on an infograpic (this one's a bit of a stretch for my Canva skills) and I feel like my contact list will probably be complete and ready to hit once the graphic is complete.