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Day 100 of 100 Days

Sarah Swaysland

Saturday, 10th April 2021

Here it is, D-Day! Day 100! I’ve hit my century! I have tonned-up!

I’m very pleased with my progress, and along the way I’ve hit some really great milestones. I’ve helped raised a fair bit of money for some charities, I’ve talked to a lot of people both publicly and confidentially, I’ve been appointed a trustee at an amazing organisation and I feel like I’ve really helped a lot of charities. I'm now looking forward to reading back on what I’ve been doing in the last 100 days, because, to be honest, there are things that have happened that I certainly will have forgotten about.

What: Crisis Volunteering
Organisation: Shout 85258

They’ve given us a new app-based scheduling tool for Shout which is launching on Monday. It’s always difficult to roll out new systems to large groups, especially when everyone is remote (it’s hard enough when you get to see people face-to-face). Luckily, the Shout volunteer group seems to be incredibly engaged, and I’m sure that the rollout will go well and it will end up working. I've downloaded the app, and my first impressions are that it's a bit clunky... we'll see what happens once I've gotten used to using it for a while. When I do a Shout shift, I usually go for 3-4 hours in one go but the new scheduling tool looks as though it promotes two hour slots which I think is quite limiting, especially when more people are needed during the busy shifts. I'll reserve judgement.

I was hoping I’d reach 150 conversations today, but it was uncharacteristically quiet for a Saturday night, so I only got to 145 – I’m pretty sure I will get there on my next shift though. I had Ryan, my favourite supervisor, and yet again, he was great. He always pops in for a chat and what I would call a virtual fist-pump which lifts my spirits and makes me feel more empowered to do a good job.

On-shift, I started by listening to The Greatest Showman. It’s been a while, and find that it always puts me in a good mood. I then went onto a 90s throwback phase with Travis, The Man Who and Texas, White on Blonde. Texas always makes me think of The Office, because David Brent’s band, Foregone Conclusion, were supported by a little-known outfit called Texas, and this makes me smile. Music-wise, there really was a lot of shit in the 90s, but the years were also peppered with some good pop too. After that, I listened to some 5ive (no, I don’t know why). Some fun songs, but a fair bit of filler.

I’m now signing-off from my challenge, which feels a little weird. My volunteering is certainly far from being over, but I feel like there’s less pressure to pack more in, and I’ll be able to take some time off if I like. I’m definitely going to focus more on getting a proper job, and I feel confident about entering the charity sector, now that I’ve gained some experience in it.

It's been fun!

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